Our Face

We believe that we are all meant to be World Changers and therefore empower people accordingly. We are focussed to leave a legacy which contains the blueprint for a guaranteed positive destiny for coming generations. We rely on historical and contemporary evidence and the Bible to prove our point.

Total Change Forum, Partners with TransformationSA and AmbitionVision in order to work towards implementing Community- and Nationwide transformation. Total Change Forum is a registered South African article 21 Non Profit company and was established to manage project funding and donations for specific transformational purposes in the field of people and community development.

TransformationSA (City Of) Drakenstein. TransformationSA For Drakenstein is our trade-name for our community transformational and development programs. Any City in South Africa is welcome to partner with TransformationSA as long as they share the same Mission, Vision, Values and operational Paradigms as Drakenstein Transformation and are willing sign an agreement to this effect. They must also be willing to receive appropriate training in Community and Nation transformation before trading in the name of TransformationSA.

AmbitionVision is a Consulting, Training, Coaching and Mentoring entity which share the Intellectual Property of the Transformation Training material with the authors thereof and supervises the supply of all the applicable transformational material. AmbitionVision with the help of Total Change Forum provides the structure to guarantee that reasonable remuneration is acquired for the Material and the authors thereof.