Our Heart

World Changers – WHO WE ARE – AND WHAT WE DO

Each of us is predestined for a meaningful contribution to a better world if we start believing it.  We should all take up the responsibility to implement the dream that would bring about true transformation.

We advocate a new approach to transformation which brings about lasting and nation-wide change in communities. A radical mindset change is required to implement community transformation and this requires a new vision and an applicable mission to ensure successful implementation. All the Sectors of our community must be involved. Government, Business, Sport, Medical and Church members must intentionally become part of the solution.

In spite of the many government initiatives, charity actions, church teachings and actions as well as thousands of transformed individuals in affected communities, transformation is still lacking. All these institutions will have to remain role players if effective transformation is to be brought about.

Total Change Forum believes peace, fair justice and real joy throughout the communities of our Nation should indicate the extent to which community transformation can and has taken place. 

Transformed society is built on the foundation that all citizens share full responsibility for peace, fair justice and joyful living in all facets of community life as well as in all personal relationships. As many people as possible in the communities must be taught and empowered as to how to take joint responsibility for community Transformation. It needs to be understood that there are specific values which are a key to establishing real transformation.

We believe that it is possible to evaluate and measure the extent to which community peace, fair justice and joy has or has not become a reality. These specific indicators of community transformation are scientifically measurable and can indicate to what extent community and nation transformation has taken place.

The key values which guide communities to true transformation must be well defined and the consequences thereof clearly understood. Lifetime transformation in communities takes time and may take generations to establish.  Before meaningful change can take place enough people in the community must support transformation. People who share the same values must be guided by leaders who understand and implement the key transformation processes.

How we do it:

  1. We train, coach, mentor and consult on transformation processes which

Would leave lasting changes in all sectors of society.

  1. Individuals are trained, mentored and coached as to how to influence

peers, leaders, institutions and all facets of society into implementing the

transformation processes.

  1. We train and coach individuals how to change negative mindsets.


Who would benefit from it?


  1. Business leaders and owners.
  2. Church leaders.
  3. Heads of households.
  4. Individuals.